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The Benefits of Copper

For thousands of years, people have used copper for medical treatments. There are many references to the effectiveness of copper as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory agent, expectorant, liver tonic, stomach remedy, etc. All these claims are based on clinical observations of humans. So the question is, Does Copper Kill Germs? Modern scientists have not advanced any theory to explain why this copper mineral is beneficial for all these purposes in people without any systemic disease. No toxicological or immunological evidence supports these statements. No one knows if it works as a treatment for cancer and other aggressive diseases either.


So let’s assume that it works for cancer and other aggressive and debilitating diseases. What other properties does it possess that supports a homeopathic remedy action? The answers lie in a close examination of its components and, in particular, the method of preparation and administration. CuSO 4 is one component of a colloidal suspension used in¬†Homeopathic¬†remedies and is the most critical constituent of the mineral silica nanoparticles. In a blinded, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, homeopathic preparations of copper sulphate ( CuSO4; 9c 30c) and quartz ( SiO2; 10c) were evaluated for their capacity to act against common viral infections ( herpes, rhino, and chickenpox) and for colitis (Culvadine, Catalase) by use of healthy volunteers. At the end of the phase, all subjects who had completed the whole protocol had significantly reduced symptoms of all infectious diseases.

The experimental protocol was carefully documented. Treatment was started on day 0, and the subjects began to show improvement after day 3. The investigators credited the modification to the synergistic action of the two immune system boosting substances. By the way, the immune system cells had been restored to an optimal level after a period of rest.

The investigators also credited the high concentrations of C in the silica nanoparticles for helping the cells to recover faster from infection and heal more effectively. There are also indications from the rat studies that silica can help prevent the accumulation of toxic free radicals in the body. Oxidants, which are harmful to the human body, cause oxidative stress that is the fundamental cause of cancer. They also damage DNA cells. They can also cause the development of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers know that diet strongly influences the risk of heart disease. It is known that diets rich in copper are beneficial to cardiovascular health. In addition, copper facilitates the production of healthy white blood cells. That makes copper supplements vital to the prevention and maintenance of cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists also believe that a daily dose of copper supplements can help prevent the development of some forms of cancer. In some studies, mice have been treated with cancerous tumors. After the mice were given a regular dose of copper, they lived longer than those not given the supplement. Other research showed that when mice were fed a standard amount of copper, their pancreatic enzymes increased their sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that tells the cells in the body to break down stored fat.

Copper has essential contributions to good health. When consumed in its liquid or the form of a dietary supplement, it has a very mild anti-coagulant effect. As a result, it reduces the degree of fibrin formation, which can form clots that are difficult to remove from the bloodstream. It also reduces inflammation and loosens up mucus membranes, which help to reduce bleeding and other complications. In addition, researchers believe that because copper is needed to absorb vitamin D. Thus, when people consume a sufficient amount of copper, vitamin D is readily absorbed. And vitamin D is believed to help prevent heart disease, certain types of cancer, and other serious health problems.

For optimum health, make sure that you get enough copper. The recommended daily intake of copper is in the range of two to six milligrams. But even this amount may not be adequate for most people. To help ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients that copper provides, consider buying a quality multivitamin supplement.